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Mango & Cherry Sunrise

As you may have gathered, we love giving you new exciting ways to improve your cocktail making skills and impress your friends. A visually stunning layered Poptail is a great place to start! Similar to the flavours of our Cherry Bubble Tequila Sunrise, this Mango & Cherry Sunrise tastes as fabulous as it looks. And it's not as difficult to make as you might think. Cocktail layering was one of those skills I also thought I'd never be able to master, but after a few attempts it's actually not that bad! It's a technique that relies on gently pouring liquids of different densities together to create a cool effect. In our recipe, the heavier Grenadine Syrup will settle on the bottom and then...

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Toffee Apple Sunset - Thunder Vodka & PopaBall

Recently we have teamed up with Thunder to bring you a fantastic cocktail themed giveaway! We've created a wonderful Poptail to give you inspiration on how to use PopaBall Green Apple Bursting Bubbles and Thunder Toffee + Vodka together. The result is our Toffee Apple Sunset! You can enter the competition on the PopaBall Facebook page. Good luck! Scream Retail launched Thunder Toffee + Vodka after many years of developing the recipe until they found the perfect balance between vodka strength and toffee syrup delicacy. Made from triple distilled grain vodka and a natural toffee syrup, this sweet spirit is free from any unnatural additives or preservatives, which we think is great!  We've decided to pair this toffee treat with our...

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Elderflower & Rosemary Cocktail with Lychee Bubbles

PopaBall Lychee Bursting Bubbles have an exotic yet delicate flavour which gives a lovely fragrance to homemade cocktails. Previously we have used them in our Poptail recipe collection in a Lychee Bubble Martini, you can watch the video here. This cocktail has an elderflower and vodka base, complemented by fresh rosemary and apple flavours. The lychee juice balls give tasty bursts of flavour when drank through a chunky straw and add a rather exotic element to this drink. Adding PopaBall Bursting Bubbles is the perfect way to impress your girl friends with your at home cocktail making skills and an even better way to revitalise any old drinks combination that is in need of a little sparkle! Ingredients: Elderflower CordialVodkaFresh...

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Poptail Screwdriver

  A Screwdriver cocktail is an essential drink that everyone should know about, it's about as simple as they come but that means there's lots of room for variation and 'jazzing up' - a fact we delight in! This is a lovely drink to have over lunch with your friends and will come into it's element even more now that we have some sunshine creeping in. Our exciting addition of Strawberry Bursting Bubbles means you can have a little something extra with your lunchtime tipple, in the form of a burst of strawberry flavour! A slice of fresh orange and strawberries added to this cocktail will bring a lovely freshness too. You will need: VodkaOrange JuiceStrawberry Bursting BubblesOrange slice Simply...

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Rhubarb & Lychee Bubble Gin Cocktail

Rhubarb and lychee is a delicious pairing of delicate flavours especially in a refreshing gin cocktail. This is a super speedy cocktail revamped with moreish PopaBall Lychee Bursting Bubbles, perfect to whip up when having a night in with friends! Our lychee juice bubbles have a fragrant, floral flavour which is brings an amazing dimension of flavour to even the simplest of cocktails. We used a favourite from Edinburgh Gin, infused with rhubarb and ginger for a tangy kick. Although if you're feeling adventurous you can try out this recipe from Scarlet Pyjamas' blog to have a go at making your own rhubarb gin at home! Ingredients: Rhubarb & Ginger GinTonic WaterFresh LimeLychee Bursting BubblesIce Method: 1. Add 1 part...

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