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This delicious prosecco and candy floss cocktail is ideal for those with a sweet tooth. Candy floss may bring back some very fond childhood memories for the majority of us, so why not bring them back into our adult lives with a twist. Our team enjoyed eating plenty of candy floss while making and photographing this recipe. We couldn’t resist!   To create this delicious mouth watering prosecco cocktail all you need is… Champagne flute Strawberry and Peach Bubbles for Prosecco Candy floss Bottega Gold Prosecco A chunky PopaBall straw  How to make this prosecco and candy floss cocktail recipe: Add one teaspoon of each of the strained strawberry and peach bubbles to your glass. Pour the Bottega Gold prosecco into...

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Pumpkin Spiced Milkshake

You’ll love this Halloween themed pumpkin spiced milkshake! It's the perfect treat for the kids and for adults (although you may want to add a shot of vodka or baileys to it!).  Surprise your guests, by serving up this spooky milkshake to both parents and kids on Halloween 🎃    What you will need to make this Halloween bubble milkshake: Strawberry PopaBall Bursting bubbles ¼ of  a cup of Pumpkin ½ a cup of Milk ½ a cup of Ice 1 tsp Brown sugar A Cinnamon stick Cinnamon sprinkles Raspberry sauce Whipped Cream A blender A spooky themed glass    How to make this Halloween recipe: Add milk, pumpkin, brown sugar, and ice to the blender. Blend well, then pour into your glass....

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Poisoned Apple Sangria

A perfect Autumn cocktail or a fun spooky drink for any Halloween party. The drink has subtle flavours of sangria with a bitter sting of vodka, making this drink a lethal, but sweet, combination. Please take note that this Halloween sangria is fruity and it will taste sweet and smooth, but it is high in Vol %, so drink it slowly!!   What you will need to make this Halloween cocktail: Bubbles for vodka - Apple and Cherry 2 parts Absolut Vodka   Belvoir Organic lemonade 4 parts red wine Grenadine Crushed Ice Apple, diced Orange, diced   Raspberry sauce Red edible glitter A martini glass How to make this sangria cocktail: Cool your glass by adding crushed ice Rim your glass with...

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Bubbles & Bubbles

You can add any of our bursting bubbles into your prosecco! Just add one teaspoon! If its super fizzy then the bubbles will rise after about 5 minutes. So pretty!

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Mango & Cherry Sunrise

As you may have gathered, we love giving you new exciting ways to improve your cocktail making skills and impress your friends. A visually stunning layered Poptail is a great place to start! Similar to the flavours of our Cherry Bubble Tequila Sunrise, this Mango & Cherry Sunrise tastes as fabulous as it looks. And it's not as difficult to make as you might think. Cocktail layering was one of those skills I also thought I'd never be able to master, but after a few attempts it's actually not that bad! It's a technique that relies on gently pouring liquids of different densities together to create a cool effect. In our recipe, the heavier Grenadine Syrup will settle on the bottom and then...

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