Bubbles with Liqueur Gift Set
Bubbles with Liqueur Gift Set
Bubbles with Liqueur Gift Set
Bubbles with Liqueur Gift Set

Bubbles with Liqueur Gift Set

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Bursting Bubbles with Liqueur Gift Set!

Give your Prosecco Lovers this pimp your prosecco gift with our miniature liqueur and bubbles gift set.

Add a dash of liqueur and add a teaspoon of bubbles to your prosecco for a burst of fruity sweetness! If your prosecco, cava or champagne is super fizzy, you can watch your bubbles slowly dance their way to the top of your glass!

Why not add another pack of bubbles for yourself?

Some bubbles rise and some will fall, so use your straw to get them all!

You will receive:  125g bursting bubbles
1 chunky telescopic straw  (included in the box of bubbles)
4cl/5cl liqueur bottle of your choice (see below)
And a beautiful Popaball gold foiled gift bag
Each pack of bubbles serves 6-8 flutes. 
In need of some extra straws?  See our selection of straws for parties!

Bite down on your bubbles and feel them burst in your mouth with juiciness!


Please note: Gift bags are not sent pre-packed as the products get crushed. Instead, everything is wrapped beautifully and you are able to assemble the gift to your liking.



Popaball Fraise (4cl) - This smooth strawberry sensation is perfect for those looking to indulge their sweet tooth!  (18% vol)

Popaball Mûre Sauvage (4cl) - Add a rich twist of wild blackberries to your prosecco with our Mûre Sauvage liqueur.  (18% vol)

Popaball Créme De Cassis (4cl) - A bold blackcurrant liqueur, perfect for making the classic Kir Royale cocktail! (18% vol)

Chambord (5cl) - This raspberry Liqueur is the perfect sweet and classic accompaniment to any glass of prosecco. (16.5% vol)

Rhubarb and Ginger Gin (5cl) - For those wanting something a little different in their prosecco, try Edinburgh Gin's gorgeous Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Liqueur. (20% vol)

Elderflower Gin (5cl) - A refreshing addition to your prosecco! Goes beautifully with our raspberry flavour shimmer. (20% vol)

Disaronno (5cl) - Add a splash of amaretto flavoured liqueur to your drink for the perfect almond cocktail! (28% vol)

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