Bubbles with Vodka and Mixer Gift Set – Popaball
Bubbles With Vodka And Mixer Gift Set - Spirits
Bubbles With Vodka And Mixer Gift Set - Spirits

Vodka Miniatures

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Vodka Selection

This carefully selected range of 5cl vodkas has something for everyone! 


You will receive:  
5cl bottle of vodka (see options)



Grey Goose Vodka - A blend of the finest French wheat and fresh spring water, this top-quality vodka is as refreshing as it is distinctive.   (40% vol)
Absolut Vodka - This rich, full-bodied vodka prides itself on using only clean and natural ingredients, and is a favourite of cocktail makers! (40% vol)
Crystal Head Vodka - This iconic and bold vodka is filtered using semi-precious crystals, giving it a premium touch that you can taste.  (40% vol)
Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka -  As it's name would suggest, this quirky vodka is made using 100% cow's milk. A creamy vodka with a velvety smooth finish.  (40% vol)