Bursting Bubbles


Add Popaball bubbles to cold drinks such as Prosecco, Gin and Tonics or lemonade. They add flavour, fun and colour to any drink!

What are Popaball Bursting Bubbles?

The fruity bubbles consist of a flavourless jelly-like shell containing natural fruit juices which are formed using a technique called ‘spherification’. Simply add a drained teaspoonful of bubbles to any drink, and enjoy them burst with fruity flavour when bitten or squeezed with the tongue! 

Popaball Bursting Bubbles range:

The range includes Shimmer Bubbles, Mini Floaty Bubbles, Party Packs and most popular of all, Bubbles for Prosecco and Bubbles for Gin. Popaball bubbles for Prosecco and Gin are made up of three flavours of bubbles specifically chosen to suit the alcoholic drink of choice. These gin and prosecco sets have reduced plastic packaging, including recyclable chunky paper straws. Add these gin bubbles and prosecco bubbles to your alcoholic drinks, suck them up with the paper straw provided, then bite down and enjoy the bubbles burst with flavour! 


Having a party? Create a Pimp Your Prosecco station with a range of flavoured Popaball bursting bubbles and glitter for prosecco. Hens will love it as a hen party activity and wedding guests will enjoy pimping their prosecco during a wedding drinks reception. Whether you're gifting Prosecco and Gin bubbles or treating yourself, Popaball bubbles will make great gin gifts!