Popaball FAQ


1. Delivery

2. Products

3. Trade

4. Placing an order

5. Discount codes

6. Damages / Missing items

7. Returns

8. Stockists

9. Other

10. Subscription Boxes


1. Delivery

1.1: How long will my order take to be delivered?

 A: Please refer to our shipping page for delivery options:


1.2: Can you track my order for me?

 A: If your order is being sent via Royal Mail (under 3kg), you can track your order using the tracking number we provide via email/facebook message. Simply copy and paste the tracking number here:

 Please be aware that your order will only appear on the tracking after it has been collected from our warehouse (see section 1.10).

If your order is over 3kg and sent with UKMail please enter the tracking number provided to you (via email or text) here:


1.3: Can you send my order out on the same day?

A: Please refer to our shipping page for details on when to order to make sure that your order is sent out on the same day:


1.4: What delivery services do you offer?

A: Please refer to our shipping page for details:


 1.5: How much does it cost to deliver to my location?

 A: Our standard delivery charges apply to all mainland UK addresses.

Any items delivered to the EU will incur an additional postage fee.

Please note that UK postcodes that fall within Zone D for parcels over 3kg will also incur an additional postage fee.

To see if your postcode falls within Zone D, please refer to the chart below:

 For details on delivery costs, including extra charges to ship to Zone D and the EU, please refer to our shipping page:


 1.6: Do you deliver on Saturdays?

 A: Royal Mail class Saturday as a working day, therefore all Royal Mail items have a chance of being delivered on a Saturday if your order has been dispatched earlier in that week. However, please note that Royal Mail deliveries cannot be scheduled.

Orders that are over 3kg cannot be delivered on a Saturday. 


1.7: I haven’t yet received my order. Where is it?

A: If your under 3kg and sent with Royal Mail times would be as follows: 1 – 2 working days (1st class) or 2 – 3 working days (2nd class) to deliver your parcel.

However, Royal Mail state that despite aiming to deliver 93% of mail on time, they are unable to guarantee that every parcel will arrive within the stated time frames.

Royal Mail also advises that to claim your parcel as being lost, you must wait 10 working days.

For more information, please follow the link below:

Remember to check your tracking number for details on the whereabouts of your parcel – if Royal Mail has attempted delivery, it will say so in your tracking information.

If your Royal Mail order hasn’t reached you in 10 working days, please contact us via our contact form so that we can provide you with guidance in retrieving your parcel.

If your order is over 3kg it will be dispatched with UKMail. We advise that this delivery service takes 1-2 working days, after the day of dispatch.

 If your order doesn’t arrive after this period of time, please call UKMail for more information on the whereabouts of your parcel by dialling 024 7693 7770.

Alternatively, check your order tracking information by entering your order tracking number here: 


1.8: My order was sent back to you. Can you resend it?

A: We are more than happy to resend your items if they were sent back to us. Please note that redelivery of your order will incur a delivery charge and we will not be able to reimburse you for the original postage fee.


1.9: The Royal Mail tracking number for my order isn’t recognised, why?

A: Your order is only recognised on the Royal Mail tracking system once it has been collected from our warehouse and scanned by a Royal Mail driver.

If you receive an email confirming that your item has been shipped, please note that your parcel will not be recognised until later that evening.


1.10: Can my parcel be delivered to my neighbours if I’m not in?

A: If no one is available to receive your order at the shipping address provided, both UKMail and Royal Mail should automatically attempt to leave your parcel with a neighbour.

However, please note that you cannot specify which neighbouring address that you would like your parcel to be delivered to – UKMail will deliver to an address either side of the shipping address, and Royal Mail will often do the same.

Please also be aware that occasionally we receive reports of postmen leaving parcels with a distant neighbour on the same street as the shipping address, instead of a next door neighbour. If your order tracking information states that your parcel has been delivered to a neighbour, please check with all neighbours before contacting us regarding your order.


1.11: Can I get next day delivery, guaranteed?

AAlthough Royal Mail aim to deliver 93% of 1st Class mail the next working day after posting, they're unable to provide a guaranteed service on the services Popaball provide.


1.12: My Royal Mail order tracking says that my parcel is with a neighbour/has been delivered, but I have no card to indicate this. What do I do?

 A: Often, the postman will automatically leave a package with a neighbour if no one is in to receive the parcel at the shipping address provided.

Alternatively, the postman could have left your parcel in a safe place at the shipping address provided. 

Occasionally, postmen forget to leave cards to indicate where they have left a parcel. In instances like these, it is important that you firstly, check the area around your property and check with all of your neighbours to see if you can find your parcel.

If the parcel cannot be found after doing so, you need to contact your postman or local Royal Mail depot for further information on the whereabouts of your parcel.

Failing that, you can make a formal complaint or enquiry about the delivery service you have received. Royal Mail’s customer service number is 0345 774 0740. Alternatively, there's an online form you can fill in:


1.13: When will I receive my subscription box?

A: Order before the 23rd of the month to receive your first order the same month. Orders placed on 23rd or after will be dispatched the following month.

Subscription boxes will be dispatched between the last Wednesday and last Friday of each month.


2. Products

2.1: What are the expiry dates on your products?

A: For expiry dates on our current products, please contact us via our contact form.


2.2: Does your shimmer come with a stirrer?

A: No, our rose gold shimmer does not come with a stirrer included.

If youd like a stirrer, you can buy one here:


2.3: Do all sets come with a bag?

 A: Only the sets pictured with a gift bag come with one. The product description states everything included within a set, so please check the product page carefully before placing an order.


2.4: I don’t like prosecco/don’t drink. What else can I put my drink shimmer or bubbles into?

A: Our drink shimmers looks great in anything fizzy! Try adding a sprinkle of shimmer dust to lemonade for a non-alcoholic treat! For bubbles, try them in an elderflower cordial!


2.5: Can I add my bubbles for prosecco/vodka/gin to anything else?

A: Our bubbles can be added to any drink – the reason we label them “bubbles for prosecco” etc. is because of the flavour pairings, which are optimised to suit each alcoholic drink!


2.6: I have special dietary requirements. Are your products safe for my allergy/diet?

A: All of our drink shimmers and bursting bubbles are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs.

The bubbles and shimmers are also are also free from dairy, nuts, eggs and soya.


2.7: What will I receive in my subscription box?

In each box you will receive a variety of popaball products to enjoy, including a brand new product in 2018!

The value of items in each box will exceed the price that you pay.


3. Trade

3.1: How can I stock Popaball products?

A: Please email to enquire about stocking our products.


4. Placing an order

4.1: How do I add a gift message/note to my order?

A: There’s a text box at the checkout which you can use to add special instructions to your order or to add a personal message to your order.

Please note: any special instructions requested regarding delivery are subject to the courier service delivering your order and may not be followed.


4.2: I’ve entered my shipping information incorrectly whilst placing my order. Can you help?

 A: If you’ve entered any of your shipping information incorrectly whilst placing an order, please contact us via our contact form  as soon as possible, so that we are available to amend your details for you.

If you placed an order before 11am, you must provide us with your correct shipping information before 4pm.

If you placed an order after 11am, you must provide us with your correct shipping information before 4pm the next day.

If you fail to do meet the deadlines mentioned above, your order will be sent out using the shipping information that you originally provided us with. Please note that we cannot reimburse you for the delivery charge under these circumstances.

If you’ve missed an essential part of your shipping information out whilst completing our online form (e.g. 1st line of address), your order will be sent back to us.

If this happens, we can only resend your order once we’ve received it back, and resending will incur and additional postage fee. 


5. Discount codes

5.1: Do you offer discount codes?

A: After you’ve placed your first order, we’ll send you a discount code as a special thank you for ordering with us!


5.2: I’m buying a large amount of items for a wedding/event. Can you offer any discount?

A: We don’t currently offer a discount on bulk orders.


5.3: My discount code won’t work, what do I do?

A: If you’re having difficulties with your discount code, please contact us via our contact form for assistance.

Please be aware that discount codes must be entered exactly as they are presented, so it’s a good idea to copy and paste your code directly from the source.


5.4: I forgot to apply my discount code, can it be applied after I’ve already paid?

A: Once a transaction has been processed by our system, your discount code can no longer be applied. However, depending on when your discount code expires, you can use it on your next order instead!


6. Damages/Missing items

6.1: My items have arrived damaged, what do I do now?

A: If your items have been damaged in transit, please contact us via our contact form.

Before throwing damaged goods away, you MUST send us a photo of each individual damaged item, clearly showing the damaged area. Without photographic evidence, replacements WILL NOT be sent.


6.2: Something is missing from my order/ my order is incorrect. How can I resolve this?

A: If something is missing from your order/your order is incorrect, please send an email along with a photo of the items that you have received to so that we can assess what to do next.


6.3: The telescopic straw is missing from my order, where is it?

 A: We pop your telescopic straw inside of the packaging box for your bubbles. Check inside the box and your straw should be there. If not, please contact us via our contact form so that we can resolve this for you.


7. Returns

7.1: Can I return my order?

A: You have 14 days from when you receive your item(s) to notify us via our contact form that you would like to return your order. After you’ve notified us of your intentions to return your order, we’ll advise you further via email.

Please note that we only accept unopened items as returns.

For further information on returns, please review our returns policy:


7.2: I need to return my order. Where do I send it to?

A: Our mailing address is:

Studios 4 - 6

Benfield Business Park

Benfield Road




8. Stockists

8.1: Where is the nearest Popaball stockist to me?

A: We have many stockists, and we aren’t always able to advise on the stockist closest to your location.

Please find below a list of our stockists


8.2: Do you have a physical store that I can browse?

A: We have an amazing online store, which showcases our full range of gorgeous exclusive gift sets. If you’d like to browse our products in person, please visit one of our excellent stockists, as mentioned above.


9. Other

9.1: Why are you contacting me via Facebook?

A: We use Facebook Messenger as an informal, easily accessible way to contact our customers and update them on their order.

When you’re going through the checkout, you can opt in or out of being messaged on Facebook via a tick box.


9.2: Can you donate a prize for my charity event?

A: We receive a lot of individual requests for donations in relation to a broad range of different, but always worthy causes. 

Much as we would like to, we do not have the resources to fulfil all of these requests. For this reason, we are not able to donate prizes for charity events.

However, we have selected specific charities that we choose to support each year and we focus our efforts on them.


10. Subscription Boxes

10.1: When will my box be dispatched?

A: If your initial subscription date / payment date is before midnight on 22nd you will receive that month's box - usually dispatched on the last Friday of the month.

If your initial subscription date / payment date is on 23rd or after you will receive the follow month's box.

10.2: How do I cancel my subscription

A: Sorry to hear you want to leave. Please send an email to with your subscription address and we will cancel it for you.