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NEW! Glitter Jams!


Add something unique to your cocktails this summer with our new range of glitter jamsThey will add that extra glam to your drinks, with the addition of glitter and gold leaf pieces. 
Raspberry Glitter Jam with Prosecco Flavour


All three glitter jams are hand-crafted from natural fruit and mixed with our special sparkling ingredients. They are completely alcohol-free but made with your favourite prosecco, gin and rum flavourings. 

You can grab our range of glitter jams in three tempting flavours: 

Raspberry Glitter Jam with Prosecco Flavour
Grapefruit Glitter Marmalade with Rum Flavour
Rhubarb and Ginger Glitter Jam with Gin Flavour


Glitter jam and marmalade selection 


Invite your friends around for a glitzy afternoon tea and add some sparkle to your favourite drinks and foodie favourites. 
Simply stir into your drinks to create a summery bellini, fruity gin fizz or tropical rum cooler. To create something extra special why not try our twist on the Clover Club Cocktail
Add Gin, Lemon Juice, Raspberry Syrup, and an egg white to a cocktail shaker. Shake it all up, pour and enjoy! We find that substituting the syrup for our glitter jam works wonders! 
Glitter Jam and Marmalade Selection Box


Our jams and marmalades are not strictly reserved for cocktails, you can use them to top your toast, scones and crumpets too! Or if you're making a celebratory cake why not try spreading a touch of luxury between the layers!

Raspberry Glitter Jam with Prosecco Flavour

Our Glitter Jams and Marmalades are available to buy now from our website.
Send us photos and videos of your jammy drink creations on Facebook and Instagram! 
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NEW! Emerald Cucumber Shimmer for Gin

Cucumber shimmer for gin


Add a refreshing twist to your favourite summer drinks with Emerald Shimmer for Gin!
Simply sprinkle a pinch of our new popaball drink shimmer into your G&Ts, cocktails and cordials to create a translucent, green glow. 
Emerald shimmer for gin


The beautiful Emerald Shimmer makes the perfect pairing for Hendrick's Gin, due to it's distinctive yet soft cucumber flavouring. 

For a fresh and fragrant gin and tonic, combine Cucumber Shimmer for Gin and Hendrick's Gin with Lamb & Watt cucumber tonic.

Cucumber Gin and tonic


Thanks to its delicate taste, the shimmer is ideal for adding sparkle to an icy glass of Pimm's, just in time for Wimbledon!

Serve up an ace during your Wimbledon celebrations with the delicious cucumber Pimm's cup. To make the cocktail, combine the fruity liqueur with Emerald Shimmer for Gin and top with lemonade. Add sliced cucumber, chunks of apple and a sprig of mint and voila! Even Andy Murray would be impressed!

Popaball cucumber drink shimmer


 To use the shimmer, fill your glass 2/3 full with a beverage of your choice and sprinkle 1/3 of a level of the shimmer powder into your drink. Then Watch in awe as your bespoke cocktail bubbles up to reveal a magical emerald sparkle!

Our Emerald Cucumber Shimmer for Gin is available to buy now on our website!
Send us photos and videos of your drink creations on Facebook and Instagram
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NEW Pimp your Prosecco and Gin Gift Boxes

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Prosecco Gift Sets Gin Gift Sets 

Give the gift of Unicorn Prosecco & Mermaid Gin with our NEW Pimp your Prosecco & Pimp your Gin Gift Boxes!

Each box contains one jar of drink shimmer, one pack of bursting juicy bubbles and a fruity bottle of liqueur - just add your favourite gin or prosecco and we'll provide the rest!

popaball pimp your prosecco gift box


Our beautiful packaging means that these gift boxes are ready to send straight to your special someone - no need to spend time wrapping!

Just when you think it can’t get any easier, you can save time searching for a Father’s Day gift too. Our Pimp your Gin Gift box is perfect for a trendy G&T sipping Dad! Simply enter his address and we’ll do the rest, it’s as easy as that!

Or, if you're looking for a wedding gift, treat the happy couple to our his and her's gift set containing both boxes! 

Popaball gin gift box


Get creative with friends and make sparkly summer cocktails at your next garden party! With tennis season just around the corner, celebrate in style with our wide selection of berry flavours.

 Our Blue Gin gift box is perfect for sprucing up fruity Gin cocktails. Become mesmerised by our stunning Blue Pearl shimmer, savour the taste of our Strawberry Liqueur and Raspberry Bursting Bubbles. Add the contents of the gift box to a Singapore Sling for a show-stopping party drink.

Popaball pimp your gin gift box

Don’t worry Prosecco drinkers, we have you covered too! Transform your Prosecco cocktails with our Pimp your Prosecco gift box! Get lost in the beauty of Rose Gold Shimmer and enjoy the flavours of our Strawberry Bursting Bubbles and Blackcurrant Liqueur. You can even use this gift box to create sparkling pink Mimosas and impress your BBQ guests!

Popaball pimp your prosecco gift box

Each gift box serves up to 30 drinks, so there's plenty of drink pimping goodies to experiment with.

If you're not up for making cocktails but still want a delicious fruity summer drink, follow our six easy steps to make a magical, refreshing beverage.

1. Fill your glass 3/4 full with Prosecco/G&T

2. Add a teaspoon of Bursting Bubbles

3. Slowly sprinkle in 1/3 of a teaspoon of the shimmer powder

4. Watch your drink bubble up and then clear to reveal a magical glow

5. Top with a dash of liqueur

6. Sip away and enjoy your incredible, pimped, sparkling drink!

The Pimp your Prosecco Gift box and the Pimp your Gin gift box are available to buy individually or as a set from!

Send us photos and videos of your drink creations on Facebook and Instagram!

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March's Subscription Box

March Subscription Box
In March, our subscribers received our NEW flavourless shimmers! Along with a stirrer and a pack of bubbles selected at random.
The contents were worth over £25 and our subscribers received our beautiful metallic coloured drink shimmers before anyone else!
See how the shimmers work!
Sign up to our monthly subscription box and the value of the items will always exceed what you pay.
Plus, you'll be the first to receive our exciting new releases each month of 2018!
What's different about this subscription box?

- Subscription box dedicated to 'pimping' your drinks, plus fun extras!
- Value of box will exceed what you pay (we want to treat our loyal customers)
- Free postage to UK mainland
- And be the FIRST to try our exciting new products
Sign up before the 23rd of April to receive your subscription box this month.
Check out our Facebook  and Instagram to see more!
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NEW! Flavourless Shimmer Range

Flavourless Shimmer Range
Get seriously sophisticated with our glamorous new flavourless drink shimmers!
We’ve released three luxurious metallic colours of shimmer: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
Each colour comes in a beautiful foiled box, making the drink shimmers a gorgeous gift idea for prosecco and gin lovers.
Our new elegant range is flavourless, so you can make your favourite drink look extra special without changing the taste! Whether shaken or stirred, instantly impress your friends with these beautiful shimmering cocktail accessories.
 Flavourless Gold Drink Shimmer


Each drink shimmer gives your prosecco, gin or vodka a soft translucent glow perfect for a really special occasion.
Make a toast to remember by adding our gold shimmer to a flute of champagne.
Your guests will be amazed by the golden glitter dancing around their glass. 
If you want to create a classic look for any occasion, the silver drink shimmer looks great in a gin and tonic, bringing your drink to life with its magical glistening effect.
The warm hues of our bronze shimmer are right on trend and perfect for those sun-drenched days out with friends.
Flavourless Bronze Drink Shimmer


The three beautiful metallic shades are sure to add luxury and grandeur to any cocktail recipe.
Vodka lovers can create trendy golden espresso martinis without losing that signature rich coffee flavour. Or, if gin cocktails are more your thing, add your gold shimmer to a slow gin fizz to give your chic fruity drink the Midas touch. 
For a sophisticated and summery sweet treat, mix together the bronze drink shimmer with peach juice and prosecco to create a lustrous bronzed bellini.
One of our favourite combinations is the silver shimmer with lemon juice, gin and triple sec to make an iridescent, glittering white lady cocktail.
Flavourless Silver Drink Shimmer

Why not use all three and create a stunning layered cocktail.

Combine our gold, silver and bronze shimmers with your favourite liqueurs and mixers, then layer them 1 by 1 into a martini glass to create something extra special. 
New! Flavourless Shimmer Range



1. Simply fill your glass 2/3 with a drink of your choice.
2. Then, slowly sprinkle in 1/3 of a level teaspoon of shimmer.
3. After you’ve done this, watch your drink bubble up and then clear to reveal a magical sparkle.
Add varying amounts of flavourless shimmer to create different shades of colour without affecting the taste of your drink!
Each pot of shimmer serves 21 drinks, so there’s plenty of shimmer to experiment with cocktail ideas!
Golden Ticket gIVEAWAY
We’re having a treasure hunt to celebrate the launch of our flavourless shimmer range.
We’re giving away over £300 worth of amazing prizes!
Want to know more? Read about our Treasure Hunt here!
3 flavourless shimmers
Our flavourless shimmer range is available now individually or as a set from our website.
Send us photos and videos of your drink creations on Facebook and Instagram
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