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 Golden ticket Giveaway


Over Easter, we’re having a treasure hunt to celebrate the launch of our flavourless shimmer range!

We’re giving away over £300 worth of amazing prizes!

Special packs of our flavourless shimmer range have been selected at random to contain a shiny golden, silver or bronze ticket. If you receive one in your pack, you’re a winner!

There will be 14 tickets up for grabs

which will vary depending on which colour ticket you find:
1 pack of shimmer will contain a golden ticket, for which the prize is a 3-month subscription box (worth over £45).
3 packs of shimmer will contain silver tickets, which gives the winners a 2-month subscription box each.
10 packs of shimmer will contain bronze tickets, which the winners can exchange for a 1-month subscription box each.
The 14 prizes will consist of 10 Bronze, 3 Silver and 1 Gold!
The winners will receive April’s subscription box onwards.

If you find a ticket, make sure to post your find on social media with the hashtag #shimmersurprise! 

Easter treasure hunt
Order now to take part in our Easter treasure hunt! Flavourless drink shimmers available now individually or as a set from our website.
Find out more by following us on Facebook!
T&Cs: Tickets will be included in packs of our flavourless shimmer range only. Applies only to orders placed before 03/04/18, 11:59 am.
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Blue Pearl Shimmer for Gin

Blue Pearl Shimmer for Gin

Stand out from the crowd! Add a sprinkle of Blue Pearl Shimmer to your gin to make it look magical and taste amazing!


First we brought you unicorn prosecco, now we're treating you to mermaid gin!

Following the huge success of our beautiful Rose Gold Shimmer, we've  released a new sparkly shimmer powder to add to G&Ts. 

The shimmer gives your gin a lustrous blue glow and a hint of blueberry flavour. 

Simply add a pinch of Blue Pearl Shimmer to the gin and tonic of your choice, watch your drink fizz and bubble, and then clear to reveal a glass of sparkly mermaid gin!

Blue Pearl shimmer for gin cocktail


Whether you're looking for that unique conversation starter to give your party an edge or just want to make the prettiest drinks possible, we've got you covered!

 Blue Pearl Shimmer is perfect for adding a touch of magic to weddings, birthdays, parties or even your next girls' night in.

Call your friends over, grab a bottle of gin and get creating! 

Each pot serves up to 21 glasses, so there's plenty of sparkle to go around.

Blue Pearl candy floss cocktails 


You can also use the glittery shimmer dust to seriously upgrade gin cocktails and gin gift sets

If you're a cocktail lover, get creative and use the shimmer make a sparkly bubblegum gin daiquiri.

For something more sophisticated, add Blue Pearl to a blueberry gin fizz for a glamorous treat!

Our favourite combination is blue pearl with Fever Tree aromatic tonic, cherry bursting bubbles and rhubarb & ginger gin.  

However, gin is just the beginning! Our Blue Pearl Shimmer looks amazing in anything fizzy from lemonade to prosecco cocktails, so everyone can enjoy a sparkly blue beverage.

 Blue Pearl Gift Set


People have been going crazy for mermaid G&Ts, with Cosmopolitan saying, "something tells us these pots of sparkle are going to be a hit".

The shimmer for gin is also hugely popular with gin lovers on Facebook & Instagram, with fans raving over beautiful photos and videos of their sparkly creations.

Blue Pearl Shimmer for Gin   

Blue Pearl Shimmer for Gin is available to buy now from our website.

Send us photos and videos of your sparkly gin cocktails on Facebook and Instagram!

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Violet Royale Drink Shimmer

Violet Royale Drink Shimmer


Our new Violet Royale Drink Shimmer will make your drink glisten with a striking yet soft purple hue, with glittering turquoise and fuschia undertones.

The mystical effect created is perfect for adding a magical touch to any occasion!

There's a subtle hint of blackcurrant flavour to the shimmer, making it a fruity and sweet alternative to Crème de Cassis.


Do you prefer, prosecco, gin, vodka or tequila? Whatever your favourite tipple, now you can give it a lustrous purple glow!  

Our purple shimmer powder looks amazing in any drink, from champagne to lemonade.

So, whether you're a prosecco lover, gin enthusiast or a cocktail queen, you can add a sprinkle of magical unicorn colour to your glass.

If you love classic cocktails, use this blackcurrant shimmer to upgrade Crème de Cassis cocktails such as the Kir Royale.

For something more adventurous, try adding the lilac glitter to cider, tequila and lemon juice to make a sparkly Chimayó cocktail.

Violet Royale Drink Shimmer


 You're bound to impress by serving up 2018's colour of the year; stylish ultraviolet purple cocktails!

However, if you're more into pastel shades than bold colours, just add less shimmer!

You can create different shades of purple depending on how much you add to your drink.

Whether your wedding day is coming up or it's girls' night, make your celebration chic and on trend with sparkling lavender drinks!

Violet Royale is also ideal if you're looking for trendy gift ideas for that stylish friend or family member. 

Violet Royale Drink Shimmer


It couldn't be more simple to make the drink of your choice magical!

Slowly sprinkle 1/3 teaspoon of shimmer and watch it disperse on the surface of your drink, creating a magical multicoloured unicorn effect. Then, watch your drink bubble up and then clear to reveal a magical shimmer. Now simply sip and enjoy your flavoured sparkly drink. Each pot makes approximate 21 drinks! 

Watch here to see how it works!

Our Violet Royale Drink Shimmer is available to buy now from our website
Send us photos and videos of your drink creations on Facebook and Instagram! 
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'Pimp your Gin & Prosecco' Selection Box now available!

Pimp your Gin and Prosecco Selection Box

The perfect cocktail celebration!

Now you can make any special occasion 'twelve times' more exciting! With multiple ways to make that special day even more fabulous. We have released a stunning and stylish new marble and gold selection box, filled with the best cocktail accessories.
Not only can you use this selection box to count down the days leading up to your next big event, but you can also give any party, or celebration the trendy centrepiece it deserves. 



Create your very own 'pimp your drink' station!

With the new 'Pimp your Gin & Prosecco' Selection Box possibilities are endless with over 70 drink servings and 12 different Popaball products. From classic bubbles to shimmer bubbles and 2 types of shimmer you will impress your friends and family with flavours that everyone can enjoy.
Simply add a spoonful to your different drinks and watch your drinks turn magical!


Delicious treats for over 70 drinks!

This new selection box has twelve doors, each hiding a tasty treat for your prosecco or gin!  Build excitement, whether it's the lead up to a big day such as a wedding, birthday or hen party, by opening a new door each day. Or open them all at once and get you and friends stuck into some serious cocktail inventions. Get creative and mix up your flavours or create some classic cocktails with a twist. 

Use lemon bubbles behind door no. 2 and create a classic tom collins, or provide a stunning shimmery peach bellini with bubbles from door no.10.

We love using the treats behind 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 11 in prosecco and the others in gin, but there are no rules here, so add them to whatever you like! Even try the bubbles on top of ice cream!

Need more inspiration? Check out this video of our 12 days of prosecco calendar!

Perfect for Gin! Selection Box Cocktails 

So What Do You Get?

The 'Pimp your Gin & Prosecco' Selection box comes with 4 pots of shimmer bubbles, 6 pots of classic bubbles, 1 pot of Rose Gold Shimmer for Prosecco & 1 pot of Blue Pearl Shimmer for Gin, plus 10 Popaball straws
The bubbles and shimmer are simple to use, simply add a teaspoon of bubbles into your drink. Use a straw to suck them up, bite down on them and enjoy them burst with flavour. If your drink is super fizzy, watch the bubbles slowly dance their way to the top of your glass. Each pot makes 3 drinks.
On the days you get the shimmer bubbles, shake the pot quite hard and spoon both the bubbles and shimmer liquid into your drink and watch it sparkle!
The shimmer powder will surely be the main event, slowly sprinkle 1/3 of a level teaspoon into your drink. Watch your drink bubble up and then clear to reveal a magical shimmer. Sip and enjoy your flavoured sparkly drink. Each pot makes approximate 21 drinks. 
Send us photos and videos of your Selection Box on Facebook and Instagram!


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Shimmer for Prosecco gift sets now available!

Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available!

Popaball have launched four NEW Shimmer for Prosecco gift sets to make our shimmer selection even more customisable!

This exciting news means that it's easier than ever to select the perfect gift for someone special.

If you're searching for ideas to jazz up your hen party, wedding, or birthday weekend, then look no further!

What's included in the new gift sets?

In every gift set you will of course receive a shiny new jar of our most popular product, Popaball's Rose Gold Shimmer for Prosecco

Our glittering shimmer recently went viral on Facebook and is causing quite the stir on Instagram, too!

As well as our pretty prosecco powder, you can select a number of specific additional items, which vary per set:

Gift Set 1 - Shimmer for Prosecco with Prosecco gift set

 Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available!

Our first additional prosecco gift set includes a mini bottle of prosecco of your choice to accompany your shimmer. A perfect gift for prosecco lovers who are dazzled by our shimmer alone!

Gift Set 2 - Shimmer and Bubbles with Prosecco Gift Set

Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available! 

Our next new prosecco gift set comes with your choice of mini prosecco bottle and bursting bubbles, as well as a pot of glittery shimmer. This gift set is a great gift for ladies who like to make prosecco cocktails! 

Gift Set 3 - Shimmer and Bubbles for Prosecco with Prosecco Gift Set

 Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available!

This amazing prosecco gift set contains your choice of mini prosecco bottle, plus our juicy bubbles for prosecco and a jar of beautiful rose gold shimmer. Hen weekends wouldn't be the same without this gift set!

Gift Set 4 - Shimmer for Prosecco and with liqueur and Prosecco gift set

 Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available!

The last of our prosecco gift sets contains a mini prosecco bottle, a  liqueur of your choice, plus a pot of shimmer! To really spice up your prosecco, add a splash of rhubarb liqueur. Make fabulous fruity cocktails and pretty unicorn prosecco with this exciting new set!

Where can I get my hands on one?

Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available!

The four sparkling gift sets start from £13.49 and are available now on our popaball website

Send us photos and videos of your shimmer sets on Facebook and Instagram!

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