Violet Royale Drink Shimmer

Violet Royale Drink Shimmer


Our new Violet Royale Drink Shimmer will make your drink glisten with a striking yet soft purple hue, with glittering turquoise and fuschia undertones.

The mystical effect created is perfect for adding a magical touch to any occasion!

There's a subtle hint of blackcurrant flavour to the shimmer, making it a fruity and sweet alternative to Crème de Cassis.


Do you prefer, prosecco, gin, vodka or tequila? Whatever your favourite tipple, now you can give it a lustrous purple glow!  

Our purple shimmer powder looks amazing in any drink, from champagne to lemonade.

So, whether you're a prosecco lover, gin enthusiast or a cocktail queen, you can add a sprinkle of magical unicorn colour to your glass.

If you love classic cocktails, use this blackcurrant shimmer to upgrade Crème de Cassis cocktails such as the Kir Royale.

For something more adventurous, try adding the lilac glitter to cider, tequila and lemon juice to make a sparkly Chimayó cocktail.

Violet Royale Drink Shimmer


 You're bound to impress by serving up 2018's colour of the year; stylish ultraviolet purple cocktails!

However, if you're more into pastel shades than bold colours, just add less shimmer!

You can create different shades of purple depending on how much you add to your drink.

Whether your wedding day is coming up or it's girls' night, make your celebration chic and on trend with sparkling lavender drinks!

Violet Royale is also ideal if you're looking for trendy gift ideas for that stylish friend or family member. 

Violet Royale Drink Shimmer


It couldn't be more simple to make the drink of your choice magical!

Slowly sprinkle 1/3 teaspoon of shimmer and watch it disperse on the surface of your drink, creating a magical multicoloured unicorn effect. Then, watch your drink bubble up and then clear to reveal a magical shimmer. Now simply sip and enjoy your flavoured sparkly drink. Each pot makes approximate 21 drinks! 

Watch here to see how it works!

Our Violet Royale Drink Shimmer is available to buy now from our website
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