'Pimp your Gin & Prosecco' Selection Box now available!

Pimp your Gin and Prosecco Selection Box

The perfect cocktail celebration!

Now you can make any special occasion 'twelve times' more exciting! With multiple ways to make that special day even more fabulous. We have released a stunning and stylish new marble and gold selection box, filled with the best cocktail accessories.
Not only can you use this selection box to count down the days leading up to your next big event, but you can also give any party, or celebration the trendy centrepiece it deserves. 



Create your very own 'pimp your drink' station!

With the new 'Pimp your Gin & Prosecco' Selection Box possibilities are endless with over 70 drink servings and 12 different Popaball products. From classic bubbles to shimmer bubbles and 2 types of shimmer you will impress your friends and family with flavours that everyone can enjoy.
Simply add a spoonful to your different drinks and watch your drinks turn magical!


Delicious treats for over 70 drinks!

This new selection box has twelve doors, each hiding a tasty treat for your prosecco or gin!  Build excitement, whether it's the lead up to a big day such as a wedding, birthday or hen party, by opening a new door each day. Or open them all at once and get you and friends stuck into some serious cocktail inventions. Get creative and mix up your flavours or create some classic cocktails with a twist. 

Use lemon bubbles behind door no. 2 and create a classic tom collins, or provide a stunning shimmery peach bellini with bubbles from door no.10.

We love using the treats behind 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 11 in prosecco and the others in gin, but there are no rules here, so add them to whatever you like! Even try the bubbles on top of ice cream!

Need more inspiration? Check out this video of our 12 days of prosecco calendar!

Perfect for Gin! Selection Box Cocktails 

So What Do You Get?

The 'Pimp your Gin & Prosecco' Selection box comes with 4 pots of shimmer bubbles, 6 pots of classic bubbles, 1 pot of Rose Gold Shimmer for Prosecco & 1 pot of Blue Pearl Shimmer for Gin, plus 10 Popaball straws
The bubbles and shimmer are simple to use, simply add a teaspoon of bubbles into your drink. Use a straw to suck them up, bite down on them and enjoy them burst with flavour. If your drink is super fizzy, watch the bubbles slowly dance their way to the top of your glass. Each pot makes 3 drinks.
On the days you get the shimmer bubbles, shake the pot quite hard and spoon both the bubbles and shimmer liquid into your drink and watch it sparkle!
The shimmer powder will surely be the main event, slowly sprinkle 1/3 of a level teaspoon into your drink. Watch your drink bubble up and then clear to reveal a magical shimmer. Sip and enjoy your flavoured sparkly drink. Each pot makes approximate 21 drinks. 
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