Shimmer for Prosecco gift sets now available!

Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available!

Popaball have launched four NEW Shimmer for Prosecco gift sets to make our shimmer selection even more customisable!

This exciting news means that it's easier than ever to select the perfect gift for someone special.

If you're searching for ideas to jazz up your hen party, wedding, or birthday weekend, then look no further!

What's included in the new gift sets?

In every gift set you will of course receive a shiny new jar of our most popular product, Popaball's Rose Gold Shimmer for Prosecco

Our glittering shimmer recently went viral on Facebook and is causing quite the stir on Instagram, too!

As well as our pretty prosecco powder, you can select a number of specific additional items, which vary per set:

Gift Set 1 - Shimmer for Prosecco with Prosecco gift set

 Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available!

Our first additional prosecco gift set includes a mini bottle of prosecco of your choice to accompany your shimmer. A perfect gift for prosecco lovers who are dazzled by our shimmer alone!

Gift Set 2 - Shimmer and Bubbles with Prosecco Gift Set

Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available! 

Our next new prosecco gift set comes with your choice of mini prosecco bottle and bursting bubbles, as well as a pot of glittery shimmer. This gift set is a great gift for ladies who like to make prosecco cocktails! 

Gift Set 3 - Shimmer and Bubbles for Prosecco with Prosecco Gift Set

 Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available!

This amazing prosecco gift set contains your choice of mini prosecco bottle, plus our juicy bubbles for prosecco and a jar of beautiful rose gold shimmer. Hen weekends wouldn't be the same without this gift set!

Gift Set 4 - Shimmer for Prosecco and with liqueur and Prosecco gift set

 Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available!

The last of our prosecco gift sets contains a mini prosecco bottle, a  liqueur of your choice, plus a pot of shimmer! To really spice up your prosecco, add a splash of rhubarb liqueur. Make fabulous fruity cocktails and pretty unicorn prosecco with this exciting new set!

Where can I get my hands on one?

Shimmer For Prosecco Gift Sets Now Available!

The four sparkling gift sets start from £13.49 and are available now on our popaball website

Send us photos and videos of your shimmer sets on Facebook and Instagram!

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