Rose Gold Shimmer for Prosecco

Rose Gold Shimmer For Prosecco














Prosecco is a trend that's here to stay, so if you want to up your game and add even more glamour to your favourite drink, you can now add a sprinkle of glitter!

So what is shimmer for prosecco?

Popaball have released an edible rose gold shimmer dust that you can pop into your glass of prosecco, champagne or sparkling wine to create an iridescent glow. 

If you want to instantly upgrade your glass of fizz, simply add a dash of the powder and watch your prosecco bubble up. Once the bubbles fade away, your drink will become a swirling cloud of rosy glitter that's oh so pretty! 

To add even more sparkle, the shimmer dust also contains edible gold leaf hearts.

Rose Gold Shimmer For Prosecco

What can I use it for?

The shimmer is perfect for any occasion you need to add sparkle to, such as a lively hen party, a beautiful wedding or a classy birthday bash!

You can also use it to add glamour to prosecco cocktails, and to spice up prosecco gifts! We like to have our fizz and shimmer with some strawberry and peach bubbles and a splash of Chambord.

Rose Gold Shimmer For Prosecco

Everbody's talking about it

The rose gold shimmer pots have taken the UK by storm, with many taking to Facebook and Instagram to post photos and videos of their glittery party pieces. 

And it's not only sparkling wine fans that are excited by the prospect of pretty prosecco - the press have had a field day when it comes to the powder pots, with publications like Elle, Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar wanting more of the shimmer. See what they had to say below!

Elle article

Harpers Bazaar article

Cosmopolitan article

Where can I get some?


Pots of the rose gold shimmer for prosecco can be bought for £6.99 in selected stores or online at

Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and post your own shimmer photos and videos!



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