Raspberry Bursting Bubbles

Raspberry bubbles are our latest juicy flavour, great for garnishing your desserts and drinks. Their deep purple-red hue is perfect for those berry filled valentines cocktails.
Available in our 125g Pots, each contains 1 straw.
Raapberry Bursting Bubbles
If your prosecco, cava or champagne is super fizzy you can watch the bubbles slowly dance their way to the top of your glass!



 New* Raspberry Bubbles
Why not try using it as a dessert topping and create a classic Eton Mess with a PopaBall twist. Using crushed meringue, whipped cream, chopped strawberries and passionfruit.
Put the meringue into a bowl and fold in the cream, strawberries and the inside of your passionfruit. Lastly, sprinkle raspberry bubbles on top!
Raspberry Bursting Bubbles


Bite down on your bubbles and feel them burst in your mouth with juiciness!

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