Prosecco Gifts


Popaball Prosecco gifts can be personalised to your liking, thanks to our range of Prosecco, Sparkling Wine and Champagne hamper options. Pimp N’ Mix your Prosecco gift sets, with Popaball drink shimmer, bursting bubbles, glitter gin liqueurs and Drims. What could be better than gifting rose gold shimmering Prosecco!

With offerings from Bottega, Freixenet, Moët & Chandon, and I Heart Prosecco, as well as liqueurs from Chambord, Disaronno, and Edinburgh Gin, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to creating the perfect Prosecco gifts.

Want to personalise your Prosecco gifts further?

Check out our Pimp your Prosecco page, a great alternative to the standard Prosecco and chocolate hampers. Plus they make affordable Prosecco secret santa presents for this Christmas.