Blue Pearl Shimmer for Gin

Blue Pearl Shimmer for Gin

Stand out from the crowd! Add a sprinkle of Blue Pearl Shimmer to your gin to make it look magical and taste amazing!


First we brought you unicorn prosecco, now we're treating you to mermaid gin!

Following the huge success of our beautiful Rose Gold Shimmer, we've  released a new sparkly shimmer powder to add to G&Ts. 

The shimmer gives your gin a lustrous blue glow and a hint of blueberry flavour. 

Simply add a pinch of Blue Pearl Shimmer to the gin and tonic of your choice, watch your drink fizz and bubble, and then clear to reveal a glass of sparkly mermaid gin!

Blue Pearl shimmer for gin cocktail


Whether you're looking for that unique conversation starter to give your party an edge or just want to make the prettiest drinks possible, we've got you covered!

 Blue Pearl Shimmer is perfect for adding a touch of magic to weddings, birthdays, parties or even your next girls' night in.

Call your friends over, grab a bottle of gin and get creating! 

Each pot serves up to 21 glasses, so there's plenty of sparkle to go around.

Blue Pearl candy floss cocktails 


You can also use the glittery shimmer dust to seriously upgrade gin cocktails and gin gift sets

If you're a cocktail lover, get creative and use the shimmer make a sparkly bubblegum gin daiquiri.

For something more sophisticated, add Blue Pearl to a blueberry gin fizz for a glamorous treat!

Our favourite combination is blue pearl with Fever Tree aromatic tonic, cherry bursting bubbles and rhubarb & ginger gin.  

However, gin is just the beginning! Our Blue Pearl Shimmer looks amazing in anything fizzy from lemonade to prosecco cocktails, so everyone can enjoy a sparkly blue beverage.

 Blue Pearl Gift Set


People have been going crazy for mermaid G&Ts, with Cosmopolitan saying, "something tells us these pots of sparkle are going to be a hit".

The shimmer for gin is also hugely popular with gin lovers on Facebook & Instagram, with fans raving over beautiful photos and videos of their sparkly creations.

Blue Pearl Shimmer for Gin   

Blue Pearl Shimmer for Gin is available to buy now from our website.

Send us photos and videos of your sparkly gin cocktails on Facebook and Instagram!

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