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Original Citrus Tonic
Original Berries Tonic
Original Japanese Yuzu Ocha Tonic
Lamb & Watt Cucumber Tonic
Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic
Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic
Fentiman's Rose Lemonade
Fentiman's Elderflower Sparkling Drink
Coca Cola
Belvoir Organic Lemonade


Tonic Waters, Lemonade and Cola Mixers

This carefully selected range of mixers has something for both Gin and Vodka lovers.

You will receive: 1 x 200-275ml mixer (see below)


Lamb & Watt Cucumber Tonic - Add something a little different to your vodka with this refreshing palette cleanser!

Fentiman's Elderflower Sparkling Drink - A fizzy, floral drink which goes perfect with vodka and ice!

Fentiman's Rose Lemonade - Lemonade with a twist! This pretty pink mixer is made using rose oil and fresh lemons, giving it a uniquely refreshing taste.

Belvoir Organic Lemonade - Organic lemons are squeezed and combined with sparkling spring water to create this zesty lemonade!

Coca Cola - A classic! Nothing goes better with vodka than a sweet serving of Coca Cola. 

Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic - The perfect tonic for those wanting a classic G&T, and it only contains 30 calories!

Fever Tree Aromatic Tonic - Infused with aromatic botanicals with a gentle bitterness. And it's PINK!

Original Japanese Yuzu Ocha Tonic - The very trendy tonic water at the moment, due to its subtle hint of matcha and green tea.

Original Berries Tonic - A fruity, smooth, sweet tonic water, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Original Citrus Tonic - Add a refreshing kick of grapefruit, orange and lemon to your gin with this tangy blue tonic.